Parity Energy matches institutional buyers and sellers of energy and precious metals futures and options. Unique in its category, Parity Energy operates jointly an electronic marketplace and a voice brokerage in order to maximize liquidity for its customers.

We Generate Liquidity
Our team brings together deep expertise in brokerage, financial engineering and software with the single goal to generate liquidity in the energy markets. We invest heavily in a sophisticated R&D and technology infrastructure to facilitate independent price discovery, resulting in informed and quick trading decisions for our clients. In other words, you will get more information and better liquidity.

Electronic Trading
The Parity Energy Platform (PEP) is an online marketplace that gives traders electronic access to the over-the-counter (OTC) option markets. PEP provides traders with full control of their orders in addition to individualized broker support. PEP brings the benefits of electronic trading to the option trading community in the wake of the volume explosion of electronic futures trading.

Parity Energy and the Swaps-to-Futures Transition
Market participants can be confident that they can conduct both their swaps and futures business with Parity, whose regulated subsidiary, Parity Futures, has been registered with the NFA as an independent introducing broker since 2007. Further, all Parity employees soliciting business in futures products are currently registered as associated persons of the regulated entity. Read the official press release here.